Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Robotics Process Automation( RPA ) General interview Questions

Hi Friends,
Here I am adding some more generally asked interview questions in the RPA world.
  1. What is the RPA Tool did you used and explain the architecture of the Tool?
  2. How will you do the Data Migration in-case of any Risk happens in your existing automation process?
  3. How do identify if the Process is good candidature to automation or not?
  4. What are the common parameters used/decides if the process is automateable  or not?
  5. How to define simple , medium and complex process in RPA perspective?
  6. How you are handling the logs in terms of process exception/ failures?
  7. How you are handling Infrastructure failures in RPA enabled environments? 
  8. Which complex scenario do you automated  and what is the savings realized in terms of FTE as well as Cost?
  9. What are common buzzwords currently used in the RPA world?
  10. Do you have experience in  AI & Machine Learning  capability? where you implemented?
  11. Do you have any scripting experience (such as Javascript/ Vb script)?  where did you used it in your project and why you used it?
  12. How will handle the frequent changing or dynamic web site/ GUI application?.
  13. How will retry the failed cases in your process?
  14. How will you update some data into the two application simultaneously using your RPA tool? 
  15. How can you get the last updated file from folder using your RPA Tool?
  16. Do you have experience in calling Web/ Rest Services in your RPA Process.? 
  17. How will pass the data from one system to another or one RPA Tool to another? 
  18. How will track the Success\failure Reports for your RPA Process and how do you expose those data to BI & Analytic tools.
  19. How do you write your format/ Processed Excel Data into specific format PDF?
  20. Explain the steps to achieve the Email Automation?
  21.  Explain the steps for sending alert to the user for new folder/ file is created in a shared path using RPA Tool?
  22. How do handle the String Operations in your RPA Process?

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