Friday, December 23, 2016

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) General Interview Questions

Hey Guys, Please find here the some of the RPA General Interview Question:

1.       Can you briefly tell me about yourself? (As usual Question )
2.       How many years of experience you have in Robotics Process automation?
3.       How many project you have worked?
4.       What you know about RPA?
5.       What type of automation you’re doing in organization? Or in other words, Can you briefly explain me difference between Attended Automation vs Unattended Automation?
6.       What’s your current project and explain about it?
7.       What are the Automation Tools did you worked and how it different from one to another? (Asked when if you having  experience in several  RPA tools)
8.       Did you have any Programming experience? (Ask when required minimum  knowledge in OOPS and Database SQL Queries)
9.       What is the SDLC Process followed in your project and what is your contribution every stage of SDLC?
10.   What are documents you used for created for your RPA process? (This asks is about Business Requirement document, High level and low level documents).
11.   How you will test your RPA automation task?
12.   How will manage the changes in the existing process? (Ask is about Change Management and Reusable components development.) – (This Q may be asked for experience candidates).
13.   How will you identify particular process is automatable or not?
14.   How will you calculate effort and estimation for process to automate (i.e., FTE calculation)?
15.   What are the deployment methods you’re following in your process?
16.   Explain about RPA Source Code Management?
17.   Can you explain about Code Standards and folder structures that you follow in your projects?
18.   How will you handle secure data’s such as user passwords in your automation projects?
19.   How will you integrate Third party API/ DLL’s or Code into you automation? Do you have any experience on integrating API’s or DLL?
20.   What are challenges or difficulty faced while automation in your projects or Applications?
21.    How implement the Risk and Disaster Management in your automation process? (This question is asked when required concurrent systems to the risk of system failures?)


  1. Hicould u give the answers for the questions like14,16,17,19

    1. Yes,for question no 17...
      Code standard means when to use object cloning, web recorder,keystrokes and when to use image recognition based on which type of application and process u want to automate. always use error handling, always use comments lines, where you want to put your bots, support files,feed files, output files etc etc.. and always organization creates a standard format for each team member to use that format,suppose if your project is assign to another guy,he will understand the code easily.

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  5. Can any one please give me the answers. I am new to robotic process automation.

  6. RPA is a technology umbrella so many tools there like Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, UiPath, OpenSpan etc. If you are saying that RPA interview Questions, Some of the question they probably ask where you working on. So I advise to definitively understand the capabilities of your tool, where all kinds of application there (SAP, CRM, ERM, Mainframe) you can automate.In robot wars games these frame works and techniques are also used to enhance the power and the accuracy of different types of machines.

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  8. hello mba persons eligibility for rpa

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  16. Hi, Your profile looks from development background experience. I am in industry for 10+ yeears with Test automation experience, RPA tools are similar and advanced to Test automation tools like QTP, Selenium. But why do recruitment team asking for development experience with various dev technologies like dotNet, Nodejs..Machine learning, hadoop..etc. As far as i understand if we know how to use the RPA tools like AA, BP, the automation task can be accomplished. please reply...thanks

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  18. 18. We can use PGP command for Protecting password in encrypted format

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