Saturday, May 20, 2017

Robotic Process Automation - Automation Anywhere Training Course Details

Automation Anywhere Course Details
 Regular Training
1.        Automation Anywhere Developer Training Course Overview:
1.      General RPA intro and types of automation a
2.      About Automation Anywhere - Product info and History
3.      Automation Anywhere Components and uses
4.      TaskBot and its Tools detailed explanation and demo
5.      Exception and its Process flow handling
6.      Lab exercise based on Taskbot Controls
7.      Workflow design for Sequential processing of multiple AA Tasks 
8.      Advanced Automation Anywhere concepts
9.      MetaBot Overview and detailed information
10.  Implementing MetaBot into Taskbot
11.  Lab Exercise on Meta-bot
12.  IQ Bot Intro
13.  Automation Anywhere - Infrastructure
14.  Control Room and its uses
15.  Task deployment and scheduling
16.  Q & A Sessions.
2.      Solution Designer & Automation Architect
            3-days of AA Developer Training and
            2- days of training on AA Infrastructure, AA installation, maintenance, Process Queuing, Advanced Exception handling and Other advance concepts of AA

Online Training  


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