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Blue Prism - RPA Interview Queuestions

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The below are the some of  Blue Prism RPA Interview Questions...

General Questions:-

1)Tell me about all your process as mentioned in your profile?
2)Have you Created any Documents In Blue Prism and If yes how?
3)Brief Explanation On SDD Document?
4)Contents in SDD Document?
5)Brief Explanation of your Practical challenges faced In design Part i.e from SDD to Deployment?

6)At what phase you have used TDD?
7)Difference between SDD and TDD?
8)What after TDD you will do where do you use ODI,PDI?
9)About Agile methodologies? or Provide a detailed explanation from SDD to Deployment Phase?
10) About User stories designing and understanding?

11)How much time have you taken to develop each process?
12)What Exceptions and challenges did you face in your Process? or How many process did you get Involved and challenges you faced?
13)About Test Plan & Test Strategy in Blue Prism?
14) How will you manage if there is no test environment of any applications?
15)Your role in supporting UAT?

16)About your best practices as a tester?
17)About Tester accessibility in Blue prism?

Core BP Questions

18)What all languages you are good? or Do you have Knowledge on .Net Code and C#?
19)In Which Scenario You have used The Code Stage and Tell me the Exact situation why did you go for Code stage?
20)Types of BP Exceptions?
21)How do you provide security for files of Client?
22)What is Active Queue and where do you use?

23)How do you Integrate Excel data to Blue Prism?
24)What would be the Run-time Resource time if you run from process/Object and which would be better?
25)Which Domains you have worked and if it is banking, How do you provide the security and how do you give assurance that your data is secured?
26) Difference between Development Build, UAT build and Production Build?
27) How do you do the debugging in BP?

28) How are the environments set up in a RPA project?
29) What are the different levels of access that can be provided to user in BP? where you restrict the access?
30) What is the difference between Environment variable and Session Variable in BP?

31) What is Environment Locking in BP?
32) How will you retrieve the exception data alone from the BP Work Queue and Send it to Process Admin.?
33) Where you will use Process Studio and where you will use Object Studio?
34) How will you handle the Exceptions in BP?
35) What is on Exception bubbling in BP?, How will you handle exception bubbling?

36) What is the use of Blue Prism Application Server?
37) Where can we declare/ change the Encryption Schemes in BP?
38)  How will you Set/ Change Priority of the case in BP work Queue?   
39) What is default Database BP uses?
40) How to schedule a Process in BP?

41) How to add missing VBO files into BP object studio?
42) How will Create new Calendar in BP?

43) How will expose a BP Process as API? or How will you call you BP process from other third party applications?
44)How will add newly build .Net DLL into BP?
45)What are the Programming languages BP will support?

46) How will you filter a Data Collections in BP?
47) How will Send Email from the BP?
48) What is the use of MAPIEX in BP?

49) Explain about BP Login-Agent? and How will configure login Agent?
50) How will you change the default Dashboard to Client based dashboard?

51) What is BP Application Modeller?
52) What are different type of Spy-Mode available in BP? or  Explain about BP Spy-Modes in short?
53)What is the use of Global Code in BP?
54) How will you Create a Packages and Release in BP?
55) How will control the Versioning in BP?

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Automation Anywhere Interview Questions and Answers.

                     Automation Anywhere Interview Questions and Answers.

Dear Friends,

I have listed some of the Automation Anywhere interview Questions below...

1.     Explain about Automation Anywhere Architecture?
2. What is Control Room?
3. How to add/remove Clients in AA Control Room?
4. What is AA Development and Run Time Client?
5. Which version of AA you have used?
6. Explain different recorders in AA?
7. Difference between Manage Windows/Web controls and Object Cloning?
8. How to Lock, Shutdown and Restart a machine using AA?
9. How to call a Bot Inside a Bot?
10. How can I connect to database in AA and explain different AA Database commands?
11. What are the various ways to capture errors in your Automation Anywhere?
12. What is the use and meaning of Wildcards in AA?
13. What kind of Scripts AA supports?
14. What is App Integration commands in AA?
15. What all Subversion Versions are supported by AAE?
16. Is it possible to read PDF through AA and if yes, please explain the steps?
17. What is Workflow Designer?
18. How can we read CSV Files through Automation Anywhere?
19. How to do logs in AA?
20. AA Web Control Room's Dashboard Component displays the number of registered clients what does this indicate?
21. Which System variable is used to read the data from your CSV/ Text File?
22. What are looping commands are available in AA and explain difference between them?
23. How will prevent capturing secure information through your AAE Client object cloning?
24. In WebCR, what does the number of active users reflect in Dashboard?
25. Which AA command is used to download a file and explain the steps to do?
26. Explain the steps to send and read the email using your Automation Anywhere Enterprise client?
27. Which of the WebCR options allows to view the list of all client machines along with their status in read-only form?
28. Explain about different types of Recorders available in Automation Anywhere?
29. What are the different types of variables available in the Task editor?
30. What are the different types of variables available in the MetaBot?
31. What are the different types of variables available in the Workflow Designer?
32. What is the AA MetaBot file extension?
33. What is the AA TaskBot file extension?
34. What is the AA Workflow file extension?
35. What is the AA Report Designer file extension?
36. What is default value of System variable 'ErrorLineNumber', in case of error is not occurred?
37. Which ROI setting can we able to modify?
38. How will you connect or read two or more different excel files in a same AA Tasks?
39. How will get the AA Array Element Row and Column Count?
40. What are the different types of files we can able to schedule in AA?
41. Which of the different types of reports are generated by the Report Designer?
42. Which of the Clients is accessible to a user with Admin role/rights?
43. How will you compare the tasks in Automation Anywhere?
44. In a looping, what is the starting initial value of Counter system variable?
45.  While editing a task, the screenshots are not appearing under Visualize Tab. What could be the possible reason?
46. Which one of the command is ‘highly’ not recommended to use if the application is local and offers full support of objects for automation?
47. which system variable format can be changed?
48. What are the various options available for error handling when an error occurs?
49. what are the important checks we need to do when using AA Web Record command?
50. Explain about AA Credential Vault?
51. How to assign a new set of permissions to a group of users in AA?

Monday, July 24, 2017

IBM & Automation Anywhere partner to develop software bots..

A new collaboration brings together two companies ranked as leaders in the field of business process management and improvement.

IBM and Automation Anywhere are to integrate the two companies’ technologies in order to help businesses improve their processes, with the use of bots.
Automation Anywhere uses its Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform to create specific software robots that handle repetitive tasks. The bot platform will be integrated with software from IBM, such as the IBM Business Process Manager, to provide a more broad approach to automation.
IBM & Automation Anytime partner to develop software bots
Businesses that manage certain processes, such as routine and data-intensive tasks, through IBM software will be able to create bots to streamline those tasks with Automation Anywhere’s RPA platform. The joint venture will be available to businesses running their systems on-site or through the IBM cloud.
IBM and Automation Anywhere’s collaboration aims to improve business processes and “free employees to focus their time on more creative and customer-facing aspects of their jobs”, the release said.
Industries such as banking, financial services and insurance, which typically have employee’s manually completing routine tasks, will hugely benefit from the partnership, to save time and give more opportunities to workers.
“The ability to smartly process and manage data is fast-becoming a competitive advantage,” said Denis Kennelly, general manager of IBM Hybrid Cloud solutions. “The combination of the Automation Anywhere and IBM process management platforms provides a powerful new way for companies to streamline business processes so employees can spend less time filling out forms and more time working with customers.”
Within the banking sector, an employee could use a bot to make it easier to process new loans or open new accounts, the press release stated. The bot could find and capture the relevant data required from other documents and bring it into the necessary forms.
Mihir Shukla, CEO and Co-founder of Automation Anywhere, supported this benefit saying, “The collaboration takes business process management to a new level, liberating employees to focus on the things they do best, while bots are focused on what they do best.”
Leading insurance provider, The Hanover Insurance Group, is said to use bots from the partnership to handle its back-office processes more efficiently. In addition to quickening task completion, such as underwriting and policy administration.
Ian Maher, vice president of strategic sourcing at the Hanover Group, said: “combining these technologies could be a starting point for adding more advanced cognitive capabilities into our business processes.”

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IBM & Automation Anywhere partner to develop software bots

Scope of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

 Good insight into potential use cases of AI across industry.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Robotic Process Automation - Automation Anywhere Training Course Details

Automation Anywhere Course Details
 Regular Training
1.        Automation Anywhere Developer Training Course Overview:
1.      General RPA intro and types of automation a
2.      About Automation Anywhere - Product info and History
3.      Automation Anywhere Components and uses
4.      TaskBot and its Tools detailed explanation and demo
5.      Exception and its Process flow handling
6.      Lab exercise based on Taskbot Controls
7.      Workflow design for Sequential processing of multiple AA Tasks 
8.      Advanced Automation Anywhere concepts
9.      MetaBot Overview and detailed information
10.  Implementing MetaBot into Taskbot
11.  Lab Exercise on Meta-bot
12.  IQ Bot Intro
13.  Automation Anywhere - Infrastructure
14.  Control Room and its uses
15.  Task deployment and scheduling
16.  Q & A Sessions.
2.      Solution Designer & Automation Architect
            3-days of AA Developer Training and
            2- days of training on AA Infrastructure, AA installation, maintenance, Process Queuing, Advanced Exception handling and Other advance concepts of AA

Online Training