Saturday, April 14, 2018

Blue Prism - RPA Interview Queuestions

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The below are the some of  Blue Prism RPA Interview Questions...

General Questions:-

1)Tell me about all your process as mentioned in your profile?
2)Have you Created any Documents In Blue Prism and If yes how?
3)Brief Explanation On SDD Document?
4)Contents in SDD Document?
5)Brief Explanation of your Practical challenges faced In design Part i.e from SDD to Deployment?

6)At what phase you have used TDD?
7)Difference between SDD and TDD?
8)What after TDD you will do where do you use ODI,PDI?
9)About Agile methodologies? or Provide a detailed explanation from SDD to Deployment Phase?
10) About User stories designing and understanding?

11)How much time have you taken to develop each process?
12)What Exceptions and challenges did you face in your Process? or How many process did you get Involved and challenges you faced?
13)About Test Plan & Test Strategy in Blue Prism?
14) How will you manage if there is no test environment of any applications?
15)Your role in supporting UAT?

16)About your best practices as a tester?
17)About Tester accessibility in Blue prism?

Core BP Questions

18)What all languages you are good? or Do you have Knowledge on .Net Code and C#?
19)In Which Scenario You have used The Code Stage and Tell me the Exact situation why did you go for Code stage?
20)Types of BP Exceptions?
21)How do you provide security for files of Client?
22)What is Active Queue and where do you use?

23)How do you Integrate Excel data to Blue Prism?
24)What would be the Run-time Resource time if you run from process/Object and which would be better?
25)Which Domains you have worked and if it is banking, How do you provide the security and how do you give assurance that your data is secured?
26) Difference between Development Build, UAT build and Production Build?
27) How do you do the debugging in BP?

28) How are the environments set up in a RPA project?
29) What are the different levels of access that can be provided to user in BP? where you restrict the access?
30) What is the difference between Environment variable and Session Variable in BP?

31) What is Environment Locking in BP?
32) How will you retrieve the exception data alone from the BP Work Queue and Send it to Process Admin.?
33) Where you will use Process Studio and where you will use Object Studio?
34) How will you handle the Exceptions in BP?
35) What is on Exception bubbling in BP?, How will you handle exception bubbling?

36) What is the use of Blue Prism Application Server?
37) Where can we declare/ change the Encryption Schemes in BP?
38)  How will you Set/ Change Priority of the case in BP work Queue?   
39) What is default Database BP uses?
40) How to schedule a Process in BP?

41) How to add missing VBO files into BP object studio?
42) How will Create new Calendar in BP?

43) How will expose a BP Process as API? or How will you call you BP process from other third party applications?
44)How will add newly build .Net DLL into BP?
45)What are the Programming languages BP will support?

46) How will you filter a Data Collections in BP?
47) How will Send Email from the BP?
48) What is the use of MAPIEX in BP?

49) Explain about BP Login-Agent? and How will configure login Agent?
50) How will you change the default Dashboard to Client based dashboard?

51) What is BP Application Modeller?
52) What are different type of Spy-Mode available in BP? or  Explain about BP Spy-Modes in short?
53)What is the use of Global Code in BP?
54) How will you Create a Packages and Release in BP?
55) How will control the Versioning in BP?

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